I/Orgel was a musical theatre performance exploring the different and diverse facets of the organ as an instrument. The I/O team continued their work with Elina Silova, who was a guest already in the project I/O Home. The performance was devised for the Orgelpark, which also commissioned the piece, and premiered on April 16, 2016.
The special feature of the performance was the preparation, which included three public workshops: Deconstructing the organ, Rearranging history, and Put your hands on it, respectively. The idea behind the workshops was to learn about the organ and have the audience participate in the learning process, as well as involve them in the creative process of making the piece.


devised by I/O, with the special guest Elina Silova.

Thanasis Deligiannis | organ, voice
Elina Silova | organ, voice
Kaja Draksler | organ
George Dumitriu | organ, violin
Relief Pothuis | light and stage design

external collaborators (in the public workshops):
Hans Fidom | organ scholar
Thomas Hoppener | actor, director
Laurens de Man | organist
Jakob Lekkerkerker | organist