Metaal Kathedraal | Rijksstraatweg 20 Utrecht
Ground floor: 24 L x 11 W x 6,40 H (between beams until ceiling: 7,00 H)

Run by a very interesting lady who owns the space with her husband. They haven’t gotten subsidy and renovated the space themselves. She’s a bit wrapped up in between activism, veganism, zero waste, back to nature, quantum mechanics, vibrations, alternative healing, the new vaccine being a social experiment, no-mask wearer. Has lived in Australia and Argentina and is an artist herself.

There are residence living next to the space and loud sound is an issue especially after 22:00 (from drums to loud amplification).

Main floor

Top floor

Extra spaces and surroundings

NS Warehouse | Locomotiefstraat 8, Utrecht
39 L x 19 W x 6,70 H

We do not know if this space will be available in September because the company that rents is will have to decide in April if they can/want to continue.


Outdoors and extra