May 2014, Orgelpark, 60’

In Lovyrinths I/O collaborated with the established early music Ensemble Genesis. The libretto for this project about love that is not idealized – love as a kaleidoscope of efforts to complete a gesture; falling in or out of love – was written by Andriana Minou, a London-based author and pianist, and featured the Swedish vocalist Anni Elif Egecioglou. Lovyrinths were I/O’s first production at the Orgelpark – our fruitful collaboration continues and will result in the performance I/Orgel in April 2016.

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Thanasis Deligiannis | composition | voice
Roelof Pothuis | scenography
George Dumitriu | live electronics | electric guitar
Kaja Draksler | piano | organ

Ensemble Genesis

Masato Suzuki | organ
Yukie Yamaguchi | violin
Andreas Böhlen | recorder | saxophone

External collaborators

Anni Elif Egecioglou | voice
Andriana Minou | texts | dramaturgy | voice