February 2013, Muziekgebouw aan t’IJ, 35’

The performance I/O was part of the annual project “An Evening of Today”; a platform for young makers hosted by the Nieuw Ensemble. The piece gave the team not only its name, but also its future direction, as it included all the basic elements that lie  within the group’s interests: the free mixing of musical styles (jazz, improvisation, electronic music, and contemporary classical music), theatre, the interaction with the audience and the use of new technologies.

7364-4_8517 Deligiannis, Thanasis_Wind, Anna voor de_Vries, Jellantsje de


Devised by

Thanasis Deligiannis | Composer
Roelof Pothuis | Scenographer
George Dumitriu, Kieran Klaassen | Live Electronics


Nieuw Ensemble:
Marieke Franssen | Bass Flute
Ernestine Stoop | Harp
Rob Dirksen | Double Bass

Anna voor de Wind | Clarinet
Jellantsje de Vries | Violin
Ryoko Imai | Percussion

Kaja Draksler | Piano
George Dumitriu | Electric Guitar

Yvonne de Winter, Jaap de Vries | Tennis
Daan Hazendonk | Video