I/O Home

March 2015, 60min

I/O Home took place in  a house concert in Amsterdam Noord. The team prepared 4 individual pieces played by themselves and a special guest singer, Elina Silova. The pieces were devised for the specific house and were significantly varied.

The program consisted of:

Kieran Klaassen | a Skype-interactive piece, including a pre-made video of the city of Chicago

Thanasis Deligiannis | Test Pedal, for audience, live video and electronics

George Dumitriu |  Trrrafffrrrreekk a phasing surround system in different rooms of the house triggered by improvisations on guitar and piano

Kaja Draksler | Canto XI, for a pianist, 2 percussionists, light designer, singer and a tape, based on the poem of Pablo Neruda


Thanasis Deligiannis | composition | percussion
Roelof Pothuis | scenography | lights | technical help
George Dumitriu | composition | live electronics | electric guitar | violin
Kaja Draksler | composition | piano
Kieran Klaassen | composition
guest: Elina Silova | voice