Prayers of Incompetence

Five voices, an automated hyper organ and field recordings. Prayers of Incompetence is a meditation on making love with the impossible in the form of a mixtape. Commissioned by the Orgelpark, Amsterdam, premiered on 7 March 2020.

Find the tracklist below on YouTube, with active timestamps.

00:00 I found my face
02:45 Prayer / When I grow up
05:47 Onion-man
06:39 Circular poem
07:16 I found my face
08:08 Enough of nothing
13:41 Tea(r) time
15:50 Laughing
18:30 You would do that too
22:59 SQ
27:16 What about gravity
31:10 FUR
33:57 Heads or tails
36:31 The way back
38:12 Circular poem
40:33 When I grow up
41:20 An onion of no return
43:05 Let go of
48:50 Once upon a time
53:07 You would do that too
55:35 Ash in me
57:20 Here the Deities above
59:46 Stay
1:02:42 You’ll be lonely
1:03:38 Dialogue for 5
1:06:06 What about gravity

Thanasis Deligiannis | composition & voice
Andriana Minou | texts & dramaturgy
Sterre Konijn, Arnout Lems, Björk Níelsdóttir, Laura Polence | voice
Danai Belosinof | artistic & production assistance
Clare Gallagher | sound
Trevor Grahl | organ advisor
Michalis Paraskakis | artwork
Marielle Goven | production manager

Special thanks to Wouter Snoei, Marko Ivic and Boris Bezemer.