I/O workshop: Deconstructing an organ


The interdisciplinary, Amsterdam-based team I/O is inviting music, theater, dance, and fine art students to participate in a 90 minute workshop at the Orgelpark. Together with the specialist Hans Fidom, we will explore the ways that different types of organs work, we will look at their mechanism and construction, and learn the basic principles on which they function. In addition, we will put the workshop’s ideas into practice through games. Our intention is to use the gained experience and the material that we create together in the performance I/ORGEL in April 2016.

Location: Het Orgelpark, Gerard Brandtstraat 26, 1054 Amsterdam, Netherlands
Date/time: Sep 23, 2015 @ 14:00

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The workshop is full. Find a list of participants below.

  1. Bram Stadhouders
  2. Matiss Cudars
  3. Amarante Nats
  4. Izak de Dreu
  5. Tijmen van Tol
  6. Melle Heij
  7. Manu Sánchez García
  8. Thijs Prein
  1. Solomiya Moroz
  2. Karmit Fadael
  3. Raf Vertessen
  4. Oskars Herliņš
  5. Panos Iliopoulos
  6. Nikos Kokolakis
  7. Yorick Zwerver
  8. Brisa Fumero Gonzalez
  1. Amba Klapwijk
  2. Young Jin Park
  3. Gerjan Piksen
  4. Daniel Farr
  5. Anna Antipova
  6. Robin Engelhard
  7. Luka Ruben Batista
  8. Sofia Apostolidou
  9. Lisa Kokwenda