Workshop 2

I/O workshop 2: Rearranging history

I/Orgel workshop 2

The interdisciplinary, Amsterdam-based team I/O is inviting art students as well as general public to participate in a 90-minute workshop at the Orgelpark. This second workshop is dedicated to the history of the organ. Together we will unfold the evolution, the symbolisms and the connotations of the organ in a historic, cultural and musical context. Two guest-experts, Hans Fidom and Laurens de Man will help us explore and rearrange the historic and modern sounds of the organs, while the maker and actor Thomas Hoppener will be joining the I/O workforce.  In addition, we will put the workshop’s ideas into practice through games. Our intention is to use the gained experience and the material that we create together in the performance I/ORGEL in April 2016.

Free entrance with a student card.

Location: Het Orgelpark, Gerard Brandtstraat 26, 1054 Amsterdam, Netherlands
Date/time: Dec 2nd, 2015 @ 20:15

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There is a limited number of participants so if you are a student please subscribe by writing to
Find below a list of participants to the workshop.

  1. Marko Ivic
  2. Emilie Palmelund
  3. Solomiya Moroz
  4. Andreas Hannes
  5. Panos Iliopoulos
  6. Thomas van Dun
  7. Danai Belosinof
  8. Matias Daporta Gonzalez
  1. Dave Krooshof
  2. Art student
  3. Art student
  4. Art student
  5. Art student
  6. Art student